For a well established European company operating in the production of energy from renewable sources, we have carried out technical due diligence on 30 hydropower plants.

For such plants we provided feedback on the state of maintenance of the civil and electromechanical works, from the intake to the outlet channel, estimated ordinary and extraordinary capex and opex in a sixty-years time span, created maintenance plans and the related list of spare parts.

To meet the challenge we started with analyzing the documents (authorizations, specifications, as-built drawings, productions, etc.) and went on with on-site inspections, with the design and application of a model of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the works, then designed and applied a cluster model for the maintenance and spare parts list.

Thanks to our long, professional experience in the field, we can give you an updated picture of your energy production assets: we will check the condition of your plants, design sustainable improvement and optimization plans, analyze the goodness of a project with technical-economic due diligence specifically developed for renewable energy sources.