How to simulate a complex hydraulic network? What happens if I suddenly open or close a valve in a hydraulic network? Why are there pressure fluctuations and I don’t know the causes?

With Simsen (developed by Powervision CH) it is possible to simulate the dynamics of complex networks such as:

  • hydropower or pumping plants;
  • water supply systems;
  • interactions of hydraulic and electrical engines;
  • water hammer calculation;
  • mass oscillation;
  • surge tanks modeling;
  • electromagnetic transients in AC/DC;
  • control and regulation.

Hydraulic components modeling is based on the electronic–hydraulic analogy using Kirchhoff’s laws.

45 Engineering has acquired Simsen to support the design or the assessment of hydraulic networks projects.

For a hydropower plant in northern Italy, represented here by the surge tank from the 1950s, we carried out a transient simulation to validate the revamping project.